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Other offences included 25 stopped for excess speed and eight for careless driving as well as others for having no insurance, no tax or insecure loads.Sergeant Paul Diamond said: 'It is disappointing to see so many people still using mobile phones while they are driving.'You can clearly see from the footage from our operation at the end of last year that if a driver's attention is on their mobile phone, it is not on the road and this can be potentially fatal.'Sadly we have seen many examples over the last 12 months of lives lost unnecessarily because a driver has not had their full attention on the road.'That is why identifying distracted drivers is a priority for the Roads Policing Unit across Hampshire and Thames Valley and we will continue to target drivers who choose to disregard the safety of others.'He added: 'We run these partnership operations regularly and we are very grateful to Highways England and DVSA for their support.'John Henderson, Highways England, added: 'Safety is our top priority and I am pleased that our HGV cab has been so useful in helping the police to identify unsafe behaviour on the motorways and major A roads.'It provides an ideal viewing platform for police officers to identify dangerous behaviour that can be difficult to spot from standard police patrol vehicles.'Highways England is committed to working collaboratively with Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary to improve road safety in the region by influencing driver behaviour by this and other initiatives.'The crackdown, by Hampshire and Thames Valley police forces, comes just five months after mother Tracey Houghton and her two sons and stepdaughter were killed on the A34 in Oxfordshire.An investigation is under way to find out what happened but at this stage there are no further details.‘I'm pleased to report that he is now out of surgery and doctors have described his condition as stable.Enter the zip code or choose a city or town on the drop-down menu to locate help near you in Massachusetts.(It is probably a fossil mastodon or rhinoceros.) c.424-In , Augustine of Hippo (Saint Augustine) recounts the discovery of an enormous tooth in Utica (Tunisia), and attributes the tooth to a giant.

Anyway, God bless you and protect you and keep you happy and whole.These programs provide free and confidential information, referrals and support for you, family members, and friends.


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