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Otherwise need some form of Optical Character Recognition since there is no audio available. Personality Forge website has changed a layout slighly (including one attribute name) that broke the script. If the bot says lights on - all goes back to normal. 1) A bug that would change the user picture instead of bot's under certain conditions has been fixed.

I just drag and drop the file from my desktop into Google Chrome extensions. If every CAPCHA attempt goes to the Ikariam server, then the Game Operator would detect thousands of guessing attempts and do something about it, like suspend your IP. I am very happy that somebody had found my work and posted it here. This is a highly recommended MUST HAVE update that will make the script work again! Now you can all enjoy sexy animations and audio again! A few more tricks added: if a bot says lights off -- the page goes black with white and pink font. Green Brain : Updates 30 September 2012 Bugfixes and several minor updates.

Ideas and script requests : Captcha Solver for Ikariam I wonder if brute force would work.

The last three lines I did not change, so I don't post them here.

I tried to complete one of the possible paths of the story, but had to cut it short ad mid-time. feel free to fill the other choices in the meantime (especially the 2 possible hunting races and their outcome - maybe fun) Maybe its possible to "mirror" the story, having aproximately the same choice tree for both pred and prey? Maybe you can keep this symmetry ;) its fun." "A young woman mysteriously appears in the middle of a deadly jungle... Feel free to add to it --- I left sections open deliberately --- just as long as you follow the original pirit of the tale.

Personal and Professional applications for such uses as Customer Service Agents and On-Line Assistance.

Get the immediate information you need without having to remember tricky commands.


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