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There have been quite a few complaints that Outlook 2007 (running in Windows Vista) is not sending out emails properly when paired with certain Linksys routers.

I actually experienced this recently – what a mess.

A dialog box – perhaps a “File, Open” file selection box – may take the focus away from the main application window until the dialog is dismissed.

An application that takes focus from another application unexpectedly, or without interaction from the user, is sometimes said to “steal focus.” An example might be when a user is typing in one program, and suddenly sees that some or all of the input is being entered into some other application that at some point “stole focus”.focus on what matters, and get more done.

Some features available in premium editions of Windows Vista -- like the new Windows Aero user interface -- require advanced or additional hardware. The following components are not yet supported on Microsoft Vista Business and HP Workstations; ATI graphics, 1394b cards, dual graphics configurations, Creative Sound Blaster X-fi, RAID 5 10 or data array.

** Hardware RAID is not supported on Linux systems.

This type of software, known as a Layered Service Provider or LSP, typically handles low-level Internet-related tasks, and data is passed through a chain of these programs on its way to and from the Internet.

It will take a bit longer, but this way the program can be used as-is (e.g. Following is a list of additional LSP/Winsock repair utilities written by others.

These are provided for convenience, and are not written or tech-supported by

In short, I can see and access other computers in the local area network, but there is no internet connection.


After 2 weeks of tech support calls and more than 4 hours of total support time, the effort finally paid off. During each call, tech support suggested changing MTU settings, disabling Block Anonymous Internet Requests, hard resetting the router, re-flashing the firmware, power cycling the modem & router, running static IP & DNS settings on each computer, adjusting various wireless settings, etc…. Of course, after each tedious call, the router would work fine. It got to the point that every 24 hours, the router needed a hard reset and a full re-setup to work properly again.

That’s just one of several questions that arrived recently in response to Microsoft’s announcement that their Windows Live Mail 2012 desktop email program would no longer support email accounts, including email addresses at,,,, and more. As it turns out, the dire warnings, while certainly significant, may not be entirely accurate.


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