Sedating dogs at home

Also, this type of medication can sometimes have the opposite effect to that intended!

Increased hyper-activity, restlessness or an increase in anxious behavior is possible and obviously if that happens you need to talk to your vet right away.


Fluoxetine is one of the few medications that the FDA has approved for treating separation anxiety in dogs, and one of the most popular ones.bringing overly aggressive dogs directly into an exam room vs.having these dogs sit in a waiting room with other stressed/vocal animals) within the clinic setting to provide a patient more amenable to handling.It's also helpful to know that the treatment for anxiety in dogs is similar whether the problem is general canine anxiety, separation stress, or situational/specific fears such as fireworks, car travel, thunderstorms etc.

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Don't buy your ticket until you call the airline and make sure there is a "seat" available for your dog on the flight.


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