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Tissue from the fundus of the uterus gives the most reliable information.These critera were used in 300 sterility biopsies taken from normally menstruating women over a 3-year period.The implantation process of the human embryo requires a subtle dialogue between the mother and the embryo.On the maternal side, a so-called receptive endometrium is a prerequisite (Giudice, 1999).



To test the validity of the dating criteria, change in basal body temperature was used to correlate endometrial dating with ovulation rather than onset of menstruation.

Therefore, this review focuses on different aspects of endometrial research, which all contribute to the diagnosis, evaluation and therapy of endometrial function and dysfunction.

First, the endometrial development towards a receptive milieu is described.

Clinical evaluation of the endometrium by ultrasound and other techniques, like endometrial biopsy and analysis of uterine secretions, has been intensively studied and therapeutic options to improve endometrial function have been suggested and tested.

Systemic treatment with heparin, aspirin or corticosteroids did not result in improved implantation rates. with seminal plasma, are still in the phase of clinical research.No relationship could be found between histological lagging of endometrial maturation and lower excretion of E1c.


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