Science of dating wear red Fuckhook up sites

Women from the United States, Germany and China found men more attractive and desirable when the guys were pictured wearing red or framed in red than with other colors, according to research published in the August issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

"Red is typically thought of as a sexy color for women only," study researcher Andrew Elliot, of the University of Rochester and University of Munich, said in a statement.

in 2008 and it turns out, the psychology research now supports what ancient traditions have known for thousands of years.

The men were asked questions like, “Imagine that you are going on a date with this person and have 0 in your wallet.

Red is associated with love, power, nobility and now, scientists say, attention to detail.

Blue (the other preferred tie color of choice for business and politics) is now thought to boost creativity.

However, arrogance and a lack of intelligence were also top associations with the fiery hue, making it a sub-par option for professional settings.

The Men in Elliot’s study said: Elliot hypothesized the reason for the attraction to red was that human males act like primates.

We all feel a little blah sometimes, so if you find you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, you might want to wear more red.

A new study has found that people feel most sexy when they wear red, an unsurprising finding to be sure (how many songs have been written about this?

British wholesale company Buy T-Shirts Online (a supplier for companies like American Apparel) conducted a survey of 1,000 people in which they asked participants to match colors with associated personality traits.

Black was the leader for nearly every positive quality, including confidence, intelligence and sexiness, which makes it a top choice for everything from interviews to first dates and weddings.Research has shown that nonhuman male primates are particularly attracted to females displaying red.


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