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''Nowhere'' follows a day in the life of handsome, tormented Dark Smith (James Duval), a doom-obsessed 18-year-old who is convinced that the end of the world is at hand.

Dark has a beautiful girlfriend named Mel (Rachel True) who adores him but refuses to be tied down.

A reformed ex-convict is torn between his girlfriend and his crooked lawyer in 1975.

With: Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, Luis Guzman, John Leguizamo, Ingrid Rogers, James Rebhorn, Joseph Siravo, Viggo Mortensen, Richard Foronjy.

This film will not give much to viewer which has not experienced heavy drinking or drug use.


Finding an ancient summoning book amongst her things, Justin draws a circle on the ground and commands the power of the one demon marked in the book by a red ribbon. While justin tries desperately to keep control of the demon he has summond, Lo has other plans for the tasty human who sits just inches away behind his protective circle.Here we meet Dark's best friend, Cowboy (Guillermo Diaz), who is in a tizzy because his heroin-addicted boyfriend, Bart (Jeremy Jordan), is going down in flames.In one grisly throwaway scene, Bart, too stoned to notice, has his nipple rings removed by a pair of plier-wielding dominatrixes while visiting his drug dealer.Jones, Brendan Kelly, Charlize Theron, Angela Alvarado, Christine Harnos. NR Corrupt police frame a young woman for murder and force her boyfriend's involvement with a local gangster. With: Gary Busey, Silkk the Shocker, Jeff Speakman, Snoop Dogg, Master P, C.

Thomas Howell, Shireen Crutchfield, Pamella D'Pella, C-Murder, Mystikal.After 1980s success as a popular juvenile lead, saucer-eyed Molly Ringwald marches into an unrewarding FATAL ATTRACTION ripoff.


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    Their characterizations and interaction were über cutesy and clowny (I love me a good clown, in the right context!

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    After looking far and wide, I discovered Lisa Copeland.

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