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Additionally, we've attempted to gain David Firth's involvement through contractual employment, however due to his heavy workload, he's unable to assist in the development of this game at this time.Despite this, at a minimum, we will continue to pursue a contract with him for voice acting on a schedule that is convenient for him.I made myself breakfast – a rather pitiful looking egg white and oatmeal protein pancake with spirulina (hence the green) and hemp seeds – and sat down at my computer to reply to your emails.Trunk or Treat is a new alternative to traditional trick-or-treating and its popularity is growing!Its soundtrack includes work from Aphex Twin, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, The Buttress (more Buttress! The Verge reported on the film from Sundance, with writer Chris Plainte calling it “the grossest movie ever made.” He summarized it as “a collection of semi-connected short films chronicling the lives of the mutated women, men, and children of Los Angeles, following the earthquake to end all earthquakes,” then continued: “The sliced eyeball in .” Apparently, there is a character whose neck-boil (or pustule/cyst/whatever else I may have already referred to them as) talks, and that talking boil also is the recipient of…sex.Following the sex, “the boil keeps talking, even though its mouth is full of semen,” Plainte clarifies.when you’re grieving and I absolutely have – but I was also ready to read this quote and feel some hope and take in a new perspective on Tuesday.) If I believe the future will hold amazing things – and I do – why shouldn’t that get some of my attention, too?Even if I don’t know what our future will look like right now, I want to get back to feeling 100 percent excited about my current life because it’s wonderful and I want to feel hopeful and excited about my future life because I believe it will be wonderful as well… When I woke up yesterday morning, I thought about this quote and tried my best to shift my perspective going into the day.



The game will be a 3 part series which is planned to be completed in the 4th Quarter of 2015 and will be available on Steam, i OS, and Google Play stores.This website may not update very often, but I am working just as hard as ever, if not more so. Locust Toybox is music I make with real instruments, computers, samples and a bit of my voice.


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