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Come along and taste a few treats while riding off the calories!

This event is proudly brought to you by Cycling Brisbane.

At that point, the fifth judge, Singh objected to the task, out of mercy for the contestant.

Despite a heated argument, Dhupia remained adamant about her suggestion.

Billy Joel has sold more than 150 million albums, his Greatest Hits double album alone has shifted 23 million copies, and he is the third biggest-selling solo artist of all time in the United States, bigger than Springsteen, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Depending on the authenticity and originality of what you write, you will be selected for the second round, i.e. Group Discussions are more bullish in nature and you have to elbow out other contestants to make it to the next round.

Asserting your originality and self opinion is the best way to stand out in the group.

Now, cricketer Harbhajan Singh, who is a crucial highlight of this season, may also walk out of the show.


Singh entered into a heated argument with fellow judge and film actor Neha Dhupia while assigning a task to a contestant during the auditions.We all know how miserable the twins, Raghu and Rajeev make the participants feel at the interview.


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