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The tube that Roentgen was working with consisted of a glass envelope (bulb) with positive and negative electrodes encapsulated in it.

The tube was identical in design and ratings with the 50L6 with the exception of having a 25 volt 300 m A heater, whereas the 50L6 has a 50 volt 150 m A heater.There was also a 25L6G in the smaller ST-12 glass envelope.Computer equipment used this tube as a relay driver or to run the solenoids in key punch machines.” Another female worker said many staff found it deeply distressing to know that bodies had been hidden from the public in cupboards.

She explained: “I know that we’ve got a store cupboard that we put the bodies in and there is one station supervisor who will not go in that cupboard at all.” Another worker added: “We’ve even heard of situations where cleaners come down to get a mop or a bucket or whatever and there’s some poor unfortunate person’s body in there.” A spokesman for London Underground explained workers were offered support and counselling should they need it.Putting someone’s body in there, not in the bin, in with the bins, it’s not really respectful.


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