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He can't ruin his mother's hard-won happiness over his senseless infatuation.


" Kagome scolded to Inu Yasha, "I have to send a couple of people to the next world in peace, and they don't need you there terrorizing everyone.""FINE. WHO NEEDS YOU." Inu Yasha yelled back, jealous and sad that she would be leaving for a few days. With doubt that he never knew that he would ever had to have said… Sesshomaru's patience wore thin enough that it resulted in picking up Inu Yasha's collar with one hand and threatening, "Inu Yasha. But those fricken girls like to take forever for whatever they do…""Forget it. Rin got up out of the hot spring, naked still, picked up her kimono, threw it on, but didn't bother to tie it up. You never said anything then." Rin brought up the memory of when Kagura came to ask for Sesshomaru's help, but wasn't wearing a top."She was in battle…and she didn't have much to cover up with." He semi-lied. She had dry tears down her face, and her eyes were still semi-red.

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After the demise of Naraku, Sesshomaru and Rin let their relationship flourish over the years. This can be portrayed easier if you have seen "Inu Yasha Final Act". " She said happily, though unaware of co-ed baths, and why it can be unorthodox for a child to bathe with a (very old) man. Rin took it as a 'no', and wondered why."I'll join you Rin." Jaken offered. " Sesshomaru looked at Jaken with almost the greatest gratitude. "Mi lord, I would die for you, but I do not know the human's anatomy well enough to tell her about it! It can be for both pleasure, or for reproduction." Sesshomaru closed his eyes."How does peeing help? When a penis is sexually aroused it grows in size so they can easily insert themselves into the woman. " Rin said happily."My father told me."Rin looked impressed, "How does your father know? And…he has had children, so he would know." Sesshomaru pressed through his teeth. ""Men and women should not be naked together unless they are mates." Sesshomaru told her straightly. Why would I even think that I could ever keep Sesshomaru happy…or make him smile for once? It was in a bodily shape, and so she flipped around quickly."Rin. She didn't care…okay…she would care…but she was ready to protest. But, being the great demon he was, of course he wouldn't.


This story occurs post-Inu Yasha anime series, seeing the finale will help understand the story, though not necessary. A/N: I've released this story before and it did well, but many years later I've re-vamped it and so I'm excited to re-release it. Now, what you pressed your hand on earlier between my legs, is called a ," he said with extreme difficulty, "All men have one, and it's used for going to the bathroom, and…for helping the woman have children, that's called sexual intercourse. She brought her knees to her chin, and wrapped her arms around her legs. Why won't Lord Sesshomaru…I guess…I really am…just a companion. Why would I even think that Lord Sesshomaru and I could be anything? She was mad at him and he needed to be sure of his mistake. He didn't show it, but he knew that he had never shown an emotion like that before, and he too, felt like he wanted to cry.

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    I feel that marriage would be a bit extreme at this point, but all I can do is be happy for my mom, because if she’s happy, I’m happy.

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