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But come dinner time, Iverson wasn’t in the mood for fussy Italian, so he sent his security detail to fetch Big Macs. His entourage, still formidable but significantly smaller than in the Philadelphia days, when his Cru Thik used to take over the TGI Fridays on City Avenue, appears bewildered. “But in basketball, once you turn 35, you can’t play anymore,” Ice Cube moans.

Iverson is set on chicken this afternoon, but first he has to find something. “I don’t buy it.” They can’t play full-court, he acknowledges, and they can’t play 82 games.

Joey lands a job selling Christmas trees, but Phoebe is appalled when she learns that old, dead trees go in "the chipper" and actively sabotages her friend so he can't sell any good trees."Pheebs, you gotta stop doing this - I'm working on commission here! And how do her friends respond to Phoebe stopping Joey from earning a living?

Not a popular opinion, it's true - last year, a Digital Spy poll saw her narrowly lose to Chandler as your favourite of the Central Perk gang. Really Cast your mind back to episode 3.10, 'The One Where Rachel Quits' - or, as it should be known, 'The One Where Phoebe Is Rewarded For Her Terrible Behaviour'.

The fashion plate who refused to take the court unless every accessory matched, from headband to arm sleeve to Reebok Question, remains meticulously coordinated. I gotta keep up with the slang.” He finally locates his jack—Lord knows the number; it seems to change every few months—and heads to the parking lot, the Cru trailing behind him, in search of a Hollywood KFC.

Iverson says he is hungry, either for Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken, which calls to mind a memorable night in Milan, when a fancy restaurant with a three-month waiting list shut its doors for the privilege of serving The Answer. “You never did know,” Cube says admiringly, “if he was an athlete or a rapper.” In the music business, the immortals perform well past their primes, practically going from stadiums to convalescent homes.


What if that episode provided a moving, heart-wrenching, sincere and romantic coda to a story about of redemption, loss, separation, sin, connection and the kind of love that cannot be denied or eradicated — i.e., the themes that Damon Lindelof has always been fascinated by?There are loads of fish all over the UK, so if you are recently single or even a long term singleton; don't worry because as the old saying goes: there are "many more fish in the sea" Dating in the UK has never been easier, with the advent of online dating you no longer have to worry about whether or not the person you like the look of across the bar is single or not.


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