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The furniture is made in China with our molds and tooling. The Torrans Manufacturing Company name is our guarantee!

This is 25% thicker than our standard chairs and stools: ((.0747/.0598)-1) = 0.25 Also, our Heavy Duty line is 56% thicker than the typical foreign imports: ((.0747/.0478)-1) = 0.56.

We hope this explains the differences between our Heavy Duty and Standard Commercial product lines.

From this base thickness, the steel was measured in diminishing fractions such as 1/14", 1/16", 1/20" and so on.

Our Heavy Duty chairs and stools are made using 14 gauge tubular steel which have tube walls that as a standard are 0.0747 inches thick.Rather than flee to safety, Kane faces down his enemies alone in a life or death shootout.Foreman’s script parallels the pervading fear and uncertainty of the time period, a brutal era in American history.Speaking to both the film enthusiast as well as the history buff, the book chronicles the film's production against the backdrop of the House Un-American Activities Committee’s oppressive hunt for Communist infiltrators in the film industry.

Livelihoods were lost, families wrecked, and friendships destroyed as result of the blacklist.We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Checks, Wire Transfer and Paypal.


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