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پاسخ های وزیر اقتصادی نیز تا کنون نه تنها ابهامات را بر طرف نساخته بلکه آنها را تشدید ساخته است.


امروز دیگر طرح اتهامات ساختگی تشویش اذهان عمومی و اقدام علیه امنیت نظام که گریبان همه ی بخش های مختلف جامعه را گرفته ،بیش از پیش بی اعتبار شده است.

I explained my shampoo problem and told him he needed to steal me fun stuff from the hotel, like shampoo and lotion, (even though I really don't like hotel shampoo, duh) and I even requested a postcard from New Jersey, which was not found.

BUT he did show up with a bag of hotel goods, and he even went to the Hotel Marlowe in Boston where some of his coworkers were staying and took their stuff too! ha ha So the date wasn't awful, we'll probably hang out again, not sure when though.

A recent e Marker report shows that one in four people worldwide will have used social media networks in 2013, which accounts for approximately 1.73 billion people.


(“Social Networking Reaches Nearly One in Four Around the World”, 18 June 2013) The statistics are eye-opening, and they explain why scholars have begun to theorize social media.Nyní se můžete podívat na fotky žen žijící ve vašem okolí.


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