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He knew very well that his best friend had been right to an extent.

Trying his best to help others was certainly a trait of Uzumaki Naruto.

I don't think we'll have to worry about that happening anytime soon…" Kara took a sip of her drink before setting it back down on the counter. But…if she's waiting for you, what are you doing here? There was something about Lena's open-door policy for Kara that appeared to irk her secretary but there was nothing she could do about that. Heading inside of the office, Kara paused to knock on the wall before fully stepping into view. Her eyes glanced down at the thin leather band on her wrist before looking back up at Kara.

"I am the older and wiser one amongst us." With a grin, Alex slid off the seat. "See ya, sis.""See ya."~ooooooo~On the ride up in the elevator, Kara's hands brushed out the crinkles that had formed in her skirt and blouse on the quick flight over to L-Corp.

Although it was rumored that Harrison and Calista Flockhart would be in attendance, they never made it to the event.He did, however, trust the guy in CSI, and in this case it seemed like the doctors and CSI agreed on one thing: bullets in one's body were seriously hard to forget.



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