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“It’s been a secret for long enough; it’s not really been a secret, but nobody has asked about it.We are dating.” “I don’t even think of her like that,” he said when someone reminded him that he’s now dating Playboy’s Miss January 2010 and a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader. She did a fantasy football blog the whole year, and she does a show on Sirius satellite radio."All I can remember is, every girl I had a crush on he'd either already dated or was presently dating.

It was like the Taylor Swift situation last year, where I couldn’t find it in me to spend 0 even though every song she sings is about my life (particularly “22” and “Begin Again” off her new album, Red).

The question on every one’s mind is to know, if these two are presently dating, and are gradually telling us to be ready for their engagement announcement.


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