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Why is Pre~Seed the only vaginal dryness relief product that can be used while trying-to-conceive? I had federal funding (NIH) for years to study infertility, and working with these couples, I found a serious need for a vaginal dryness relief product that would not harm sperm. E’) CEO of INGfertility and inventor of Pre~Seed to find out! Unfortunately, that isn’t a good solution because 75% of trying-to-conceive (TTC) couples have increased vaginal dryness due to the stress of timed intercourse at ovulation and fertility medications.Pre~Seed also has a plant antioxidant “arabinogalactan” to support cell function, including sperm cells. Ellington: I am so disappointed when I hear this!!! We occasionally hear from customers that their doctor has recommended any “water-based” lubricant while trying to conceive. Even if a physician doesn’t know about Pre~Seed to recommend it, they should know the large body of published studies that show that “water-based” lubricants like KY, Astroglide and Replens, as well as the others, damage sperm function even at low concentrations (such as 6%).In recent years, medical authorities have tried to impress more and more upon pregnant women the importance of being careful about what they ingest (especially in the early states of pregnancy).



Plus, tensions at home escalatedwhich made things incredibly hard on my dad, my grandmother, and me. I can be thankful to God that my sister’s husband is a Christian man who shouldered his responsibility as a father and not a jerk who ran off at the first sign of trouble.First of all, you need to know that you’re not alone. But that’s baloney because – chances are –women who have more than one child have probably became pregnant accidentally at least once.Did you know that roughly half of all pregnancies in the U. But an unplanned pregnancy can involve emotions far more complex than “how did this happen?!Individuals who are pregnant, intravenous drug users, abusing substances, and in medically-monitored withdrawal management may be eligible for prevention, treatment, and recovery support services and activities.

Priority admissions to licensed treatment agencies are: Eligibility based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

There are others who don’t even think about what their actions might do to their family.


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