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Today we’re bringing that ability to Outlook – and not just for the trash.

(no giant folder hierarchy and mess of rules for me), and I triage it there.

If you want to view your emails sorted and grouped by received date you can always click on the Received column header (clicking on the column a second time will change the sort order from ascending to descending or vice versa).

There’s no better feeling than reaching inbox zero.

It sounds like you're looking at two dates, the Last Modified date in Outlook/OWA and the Received Date in the headers.

Unfortunately, there is no way to re-index these dates using native tools.


Like a real trash can, the stuff you threw away last is on top.However, you may be able to fix this through repeating the migration, depending on which migration tool you're using -- but you'd have to contact the your vendor.To understand exactly what's happening, I'd suggest using the Field Chooser in Outlook to display more of the Date/Time fields, specifically Received, Sent and Modified, to determine exactly which fields are showing correctly and which aren't.And indeed that’s what I usually do if the need arises, but if someone replies on the same string again, I don’t need to go back to another folder because I made my Outlook conversation view includes messages I already moved to other folders.

Related Post: Be more Conversational with Outlook But what if I need to go back digging?This post has a more detailed explanation on how you can use this Firstly… In this view your emails are sorted by EEMINDER DATE, not received date.


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