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And they say polygamy is a right enshrined in South Africa's constitution. Having more than one husband or wife, though technically when there are more women to one man that is properly called polygyny. In many a widow is inherited by her dead husband's brothers, father or even a son by another wife. In 1998 the University of Wisconsin surveyed more than a thousand societies. Some 453 had occasional polygyny and in 588 more it was quite common. Some anthropologists believe that polygamy has been the norm through human history.

He had two other wives but he divorced one in 1998 and another committed suicide in 2000. The other day he paid the traditional dowry for his sixth fiancée. Critics say polygamy does not fit the image of a modern society.

Most ancient societies needed a secure environment for the perpetuation of the species, a system of rules to handle the granting of property rights, and the protection of bloodlines. Different periods of time and different cultures have very different histories when it comes to women.

Ancient Egypt, in theory, gave women equal rights, but it wasn't always practiced.

In sociobiology and zoology, researchers use polygamy in a broad sense to mean any form of multiple mating.

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