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St Louis based brothers Shelton Ben Shelton and his wife Agnes had as sons Carl Ray Shelton (killed 23 October 1947), Bernie Shelton (killed 26 July 1948) Roy Shelton (killed 7 June 1950) and Earl Shelton St Louis Democrat mayor Edward A Noonan served from 16 April 1889 till 18 April 1893.

St Louis gang leader Thomas “snake” Kinney Thomas snake Kinney was elected to the st louis Democratic city Committee in 1890.

Louis has a long criminal history filled with pickpockets, robbers, bootleggers, mobsters, and gangsters.


) St Louis based brothers Birger Louis Birger (died 10 December 1921) and his sons Charlie Birger (hanged 1928) and James Birger????

Louis’ gangland, describing wars, hits, murders, and alliances that occurred in the city from the 1900s up until now.



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