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Wearing a shirt that said “science is universal”, the actor spoke passionately about his own background in science, and his present gig as an ambassador for a much beleaguered field. “I’ve been on stage with five men that went to the moon.I’ve met a lot of cool people.” Picardo was once going to be scientist himself. So Picardo is content to merely be a front man for science, and currently enjoys a spot on the board of the Planetary Society, helping to promote space innovation and exploration.Best known as the holographic medical examiner The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, he has made a career out of embodying those uptight guys who have the best of intentions but don’t make very good first impressions.“Sometimes they're shorthanded as the guy you love to hate but I like to look at them as people who just have certain neuroses that create their social mask,” notes Picardo.The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is the nation’s largest provider of college financial aid for Latino students.I come in and evaluate you so you all better watch out and be on your best behavior! ’ Now suddenly he's the guy in charge and he's a briefing room guy. “I thought it was very interesting but we've also set up that he's not terribly courageous.


You've set this guy up as kind of an annoyance, a bit of a prig. Woolsey just comes in and tells you how you screwed up.”“So that's an interesting dilemma for a character who thinks he knows the right way to do everything and suddenly is put to the test,” continues Picardo.

Science needs your help right now.” A fan asked Picardo what planet he would like to explore if given a chance, and the former EMH had a quick answer.



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    And while Bernie is unlikely to rent a SAM to construct his next 5,000 lake house, we hear that someone may be taking bids for an impenetrable, yet "aesthetically pleasing", 30-foot border wall that will span nearly 2,000 miles.

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    Always running the game with a USB Loader is another solution to avoid the disc update.

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    I'm not counting one-night-tourist-hookers like Rihanna or second-tier pros (Lohan, Electra, Reid, etc).

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    She was mesmerized by the beauty of the mosques and spellbound as she heard the daily calls to prayer.

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    "What I find utterly attractive is a man who knows when to be a man and when to be a child.

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    Kevin Durant just whooped some serious ass on the court (sorry, Le Bron), but Kevin Hart thinks the Finals MVP is still getting HIS butt kicked off the court by “The Real MVP” -- his mama!

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