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After bonding over drinks at a New York club in 2011, Wu-Tang Clan maestro RZA, 47, and Interpol frontman Paul Banks, 38, eventually decided to take their relationship to the next level: the studio.

As Banks & Steelz, they will release their debut album, (Warner Bros.), on Aug.

26, melding ­hip-hop and rock, including Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Kool Keith and Florence Welch. All I know about Trump is that I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at his hotel.

RZA on Acting, the Future of a Wu-Tang Biopic and Why Police Brutality Is a ' Sensitive Situation' RZA and Banks' simpatico back-and-forth -- and shared propensity for going on tangentss New York office to discuss their joint studio effort, sex robots and politics. RZA: There were certain things I was uncomfortable with, [like] singing some notes. Banks: I went to [Donald] Trump’s son’s wedding -- my then-girlfriend was a bridesmaid. I destroyed some of those rooms; used to drink 40-ounce on the stoop. RZA: I met [Hillary Clinton] briefly at a Brett Ratner thing.

He’d said feeling ‘bored while watching Coldplay‘ was when he had his realisation to leave the group, but now has given a lengthy, hour-long discussion about his final years with the band and his life since.

“I was experiencing so much pain being in the band, being in the music industry,” he told Talk Music Talk.

That was new to me to sing even a couple of phrases that I didn’t write. Currently on a whistle stop world tour of promotional engagements - today's brief sojourn in England being his sixth country in seven days - Di S caught up with him in a central London hotel.


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