Pat summitt and bruce pearl dating


Chances remain for the program's first winning season since 2011-12.

Though the NCAA Tournament is a long shot, the WNIT is not.

Three days of basketball action begins Thursday, April 24 with the start of the Legends of Basketball Fantasy Camp.

From Friday through Sunday, fantasy campers have a chance to rub shoulders with the greatest players of all-time and compete on-the-court in an all-inclusive fantasy camp at Mohegan Sun Arena with basketball legends Barry, Cowens, English, Gervin, Dawkins, Birdsong and Richardson.


While I appreciate his enthusiasm, it made for one of the most eye-singeing moments in college basketball in recent memory. Taurean Green draws first blood with a three pointer. Wayne Chism steps out of the paint and gets a three of his own. Interestingly, he shares a name with Dennis Chism, aka “Spyda” from the And 1 mixtape tour. Regardless of his penile status, he certainly is playing like a girl today, letting the Vols have their way with him, and he’s already in foul trouble. Do you really feel sorry for the Gators, Dick Vitale? If you have a bad day that’s one thing, but it looks like the Gators aren’t really trying in this game. Lofton hits yet another thee to extend the lead to 19. Maybe that’s it; Bruce Pearl, Pat Summitt, and Peyton Manning are in the same building at the same time. They need to be the shutdown defensive team the are capable of being if they want to have any shot at… As good as things are for the Vols right now, I would not rest just yet if I were them. The Vols fans are officially concerned about this game. Quiet, Dickie V, you’ve got about 17 players on your All-American Team right now. Neither team has shot well at all in the last few minutes. In particular, Dick Vitale’s man crush has had the game of his life in his last career home game. Florida can’t hit their shots, and this game is pretty much over. One final standing ovation for Dickie V’s man-crush.

Warlick’s remarks were followed by a video montage that interspersed Warlick, Nikki Caldwell, Michelle Marciniak, Brittany Jackson and Candace Parker, among others, talking about Summitt.

The former players were overcome by tears in the video clips, and those in attendance Thursday at the arena shared their sorrow.

It was Peyton Manning who received the second-loudest applause from the approximately 7,000 people in attendance, as the former Vol and NFL quarterback took the stage.

Manning was a close friend of Summitt and mentioned how he and the coach would always get together for a steak and beer when he was in Knoxville or she was in Indianapolis.

Noah and Horford will need to assert dominance in the paint for the Gators to run their gameplan, while the Vols need a big game out of Chris Lofton. I am excited, surprised, shocked, happy, and disappointed all at the same time. I saw how they won the national championship; they had perhaps the best defense in the nation. If there is any bright spot at all for Florida in this game, it is probably Chris Richard, who has 10 points on 4-5 shooting in the paint. Humphrey scores another three, but can you believe that’s Noah’s first basket of the game? Taurean Green hits a three, the Gators are playing good defense, Noah is finally scoring, and suddenly Florida has cut the 27 point lead in half in about two and a half minutes. Keep in mind that Chism, Tennessee’s biggest inside threat, is on the bench with four fouls. If they do that, and Florida keeps playing with a sense of urgency, Tennessee may very well end up losing this game.


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