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A dedicated dog owner left her nephew an over-the-top list of instructions when she had to leave her precious pet in his care, telling him the pooch can't have carbs for snacks, should follow a strict meal schedule, and must Face Time with her regularly.

Play time is regulated too and must include a daily game of fetch.


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    Evidence had also emerged suggesting that Edward Spark, a crucial witness to the movements of the the Police Inspector in charge of operations on the day of the deaths, was pressured by police to abandon the detail he had provided in his statement to police shortly after the deaths and make a second – and completely contradictory – statement about the events of the day.

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    The Director of 1st Locate (uk) Limited is Mr Andrew Barclay Who is the Director of 247 Home Furnishings Limited (247 Blinds & Curtains)?

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    We have refreshed the data and aligned certain sections with our current mobile research. Customers are the new market-makers, reshaping industries and changing how businesses compete and win.

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