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    March 2011, after a concert in Ram's Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD, Patterson spoke about the his album, Bleuphoria during a brief interview for thesoulcialista.

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    Move tell friends make for a popular dating app for the iphone, blackberry and other windows mobile devices and if you are not sure if the sun black.

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    He convinced me I was special and different and I was so desperate to get out of my house, that I shacked up with him and his mother in a two-bedroom apartment in Canoga Park.

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    This post about finding girls for sex in Goa at Anjuna Beach is a bit different than standard posts on this site.

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    En 2012, son troisième album, Believe, décroche lui aussi la première place du Billboard 200.

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    No more wasting precious time…and no more blind-date blahs!

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    Not only was Joey Fatone the first 'NSYNC member to become a father, he will also become the first 'NSYNC husband as well.

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    Long before the Internet and social media, gay men had to find other ways to meet like-minded folks.

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