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Sometimes, as with our client's instructional video, it's simply unavoidable, but we can play this to our advantage.If you want to flag a video as age restricted, you can either go through the form Google provides, or you can flag it after uploading: The bad news for marketers is that if you are looking to monetize your video, age-restricted videos are not eligible for monetization and will also not be shown in certain sections of You Tube, so that's not really a direct option.

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Age restricted videos are also invisible to all users as a default, so you need to log in and verify your age before watching any - though if you are annoyed by this process, there are other ways you can bypass this.

It looks to me that AR videos are treated as a vertical niche on You Tube, so once you browse a video, you will only be recommended similar age restricted videos rather than the normal wider algorithmic video recommendations one might receive: once you are in the age-restricted ecosystem, You Tube keeps you there.

If you want to stay on the official You Tube site, you can just remove the 'watch? If you don't mind being redirected to a different site, you can instead add "nsfw" in front of You Tube in the v=1223445This takes you to a site dedicated, as the name suggests, to letting you watch You Tube's NSFW side to your heart's content. Click here for more tips and tricks on the site's little-known features.

I hadn’t until a teenager mentioned it in a comment on another article.I’ve also had several requests from concerned parents asking for a review.


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