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;)Dance together when someone performs.2012 Korean Music Wave They look at each other even when they’re at a press conference and lots of people are sitting near them. ;) Tiffany too becomes shy when Nichkhun starts to speak. She obviously like to hear him talk and it becomes hard for her to control her smile. :)Both are facing each other with their entire body meaning they give each other their full attention. You can believe what you want to believe but it is true that they are a real couple.

Nichkhun can’t control his face when he is around Tiffany. It’s been confirmed with quite a few Korean sources but is not widely known in the International fandom.

He played himself in a 1 episode Korean sitcom "Welcome to the Show" in 2011.

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Their body language shows that they keep a distance. I know they are good friends but Victoria does not behave like a girl in love when she is with Nichkhun. But now they have taken the next step in friendship and are dating.

They are faking that they are close when they aren’t. She would at least try to interact and be as happy as she is around Kyuhyun if she did have feelings for Nichkhun. They are only co-workers & acquaintances through WGM and nothing more. :)They whisper to each other when they aren’t MCing. There has been various evidence circling for a long time so I made this tumblr to share that with everyone.A really random collection of drabbles, various ratings, crack pairings, and author favorites.


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