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URDL features great art, and a satisfying level of challenge. This is a short visual novel that strangely benefits from being played repeatedly, with the game itself inviting you to begin again once you've exhausted enough options.

I don't think there's any new content injected into City Lights when you choose to replay it, but it adds an element of cyclical familiarity that supports this short, melancholy story.

That story concerns a man eating alone at a sushi place at night.


The DIY Science Zone is one of Geek Girl Con’s most unique bits of programming, and this year we’re celebrating its fifth anniversary.

You play as a stick, maybe, but it doesn't really matter what that stick represents, as your tiny animations as you walk, run, climb and glide around the undergrowth are just the best. After a certain point as you inexorably move to the right, a terrible, fearful spider-thing begins to slowly walk towards you, initiating a countdown to your inevitable doom—or so I thought before I learned that you could climb straight up convenient, dandelion-like plants. Locked in an endless battle with some kinda alien, you have to quickly tap Up, Right, Down and Left when the symbols pop up, with extra points on offer if you do it quickly and without making a mistake.


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