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Our undercover investigation of the cruelty practiced by the laughably-named Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ultimately quashed it and ushered in new policy of mass sterilisation of the island's stray dog population.

Hurled into trucks from giant nets, many breaking their legs in the process, kept in a concrete shelter in sweltering 40C temperatures for up to three days in case anyone claimed them for a high cash bounty, the dogs died by their thousands with injections to their hearts in a race against nature.

The African Union and the Non-Aligned Movement have expressed unanimous support for Mauritius on the Chagos issue.

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The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation provides a safe environment for endangered native species like the Pink Pigeon, Telfair Skink and Ornate Day Gecko.

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The UK has stated that it has no doubt about its sovereignty over the Chagos, and has also said that the Chagos will be returned to Mauritius once the islands are no longer required for defence purposes.


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