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” headline that accompanies a rather staid shot of Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon in ordinary mid-length skirt suits and court shoes operates on a different level, and one which the has been expert in exploiting for decades: the female tendency to compare one woman with another.

For all the handwringing about a return to the dark ages of male-dominated news reporting (Yvette Cooper rather wittily remarked on Twitter after seeing the front page of the paper that she thought the clocks had “gone forward this weekend, not 50 years back”), there is something even more concerning at play than a bunch of macho suit-wearing hacks apparently ogling at the limbs of two senior women in British politics.

The is a predominantly female newspaper in terms of its readership.

In fact, it is the only national newspaper that has more female readers (somewhere between 52 and 55 per cent, according to surveys) than male.

The fan mail opens, “Dear Bryan Cranston, Let me preface this letter by saying I have a master’s degree in psychology and have never been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder.” Also read: ‘Breaking Bad': Can Walter White Be Saved?

Two weeks ago, the Daily Mail General Trust, its parent company, wrote down the entirety of its investment in the millennial-focused publisher, a tacit admission that the site was worthless to the company and its investors.

It’s not men who are lapping up these regressive perspectives on women in leadership positions; or, at least, we can say that it’s not only the men.

And it was a woman – Sarah Vine – who wrote the piece which carried the offending headline.

EDUCATION doesn’t equal ENCOURAGEMENT.” Well, I think we can all agree that Hell would freeze over before a Catholic school would teach children about anal sex.

Picardi then played the phobic-card – a favorite among liberals.“Audience retention and revenue growth have been disappointing,” a DMGT earnings release read.


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