Law school dating dating waiting intervals

Next to no one will be able to better understand what you are going through then a fellow classmate; this connection can serve as a solid foundation for a relationship.



As I mentioned above, the two of us being in the hyper-relationship, had woken up that morning and for some reason started fighting. You have to be willing to deal with this; to put it another way: you are the celebrity and your classmates are the paparazzi. It's a steep hill to get over and it is possible, it just takes some work (and the desire to go through the same rigors that you faced in the last 1L relationship you were in).

They got the cream of the crop of students.” Courtney Johnson and Jerry Santer met as undergraduates at Rutgers University in New Brunswick when they were both part of the Greek system and were already a steady couple when they applied to law school a year later.

“Rutgers was the only school we both applied to,” said Santer, adding that they each were part of the Minority Student Program, when they enrolled in 2012 and were placed in the same track.

Included in this list are several nuggets of wisdom for dating someone in law school (offering words of affirmation and reminding them how much you love them can go a long way), and all too relatable moments you'll instantly recognize (like when they point out every inaccuracy on Being lawyers-in-training, arguing is what they're naturally good at, and they've also honed their skills in hours upon hours of classes and mock trials.

Trying to win an argument with someone in law school is not unlike being on a debate team...

do your research, prepare to appeal to logic, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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