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The Lebanese National Commission for Women’s Affairs introduced a bill into Parliament in 2015 that would require that a civil judge, and not just a religious tribunal, to approve all child marriages. Maya Ammar, KAFA’s communications coordinator, said: “The scene [video] was supposed to seem shocking because the practice itself is shocking.” In certain areas of Lebanon, a parent can give their permission for their daughter to marry when she is nine years old.

The warning was issued after hackers blackmailed Internet users in to paying large sums of money after they threatened to post naked videos of them on You Tube, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement.

The hackers lure their victims through Facebook by impersonating women using fake accounts before convincing the victims to undress for them over Skype.

Without parental permission, girls can marry as young as 14.


Estimates of child marriage in Lebanon do not include the influx of thousands of Syrian refugees whose daughters are increasingly getting married at a young age due to the deteriorating situation in their home country.The perpetrator then threatens to release video of the online encounter unless the victim agrees to pay.


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