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Solved a very big problem Nagaraj Puttaparty When I heard bookmybai has launched maid services in Bangalore I was super excited and tried them. I hired a cleaning and cooking maid in bangalore for 8 hours and they delivered to their promise by sending me a document verified maid in Koramangala.I wish you all the best and would ask my friends to use your services Minal Mittal I have paid a lot of money to a lot of maid agencies but all of them have taken my money and ran away.I am expecting a baby and looking forward to hiring a japa from you here in Kolkata. Thank you for the help Soumya Mukherjee I was looking for a full time live in baby sitter in Kolkata and I had tried a couple of agencies who were sending very unhygienic maids.After 11 pm in Bangalore it is like a black and white silent movie, there is no action in the picking up girls scene because of the curfew. The moral of the story is find a wife who is not rash to judge and whose actions are tempered by wisdom.



Mahesh Agarwal I am from delhi and moved to Bangalore. I wanted a reliable babycaretaker for my daughter and I contacted bookmybai.At Pure Pearls, we guarantee you that you will get purest and the best quality pearls (AAA) at reasonable prices.



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    "The crowd is diverse and it's a great atmosphere."After checking in at the registration desk, visitors were given instructions for an icebreaker game prior to the main event.

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