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PAINFUL TO LOOK at, impossible to look away – the Holy Land of half humanity holds us all in an agonising grip.

The distraction of Iraq has barely slowed our daily dose of torn-up roadmaps, bombs, bullets and bulldozers, shrill charge and countercharge.

Some journalists talked their way onto the last flight from Cyprus; among them two reporters, Colin Simpson and myself, and two photographers, Don Mc Cullin and Neil Libbert, then all of , London.

In the deserted arrival hall we split up, Simpson and Mc Cullin to Jerusalem, the newsworthiest of the likely battlefields, Libbert and I to the Gaza Strip and Sinai, both held by Israel's strongest enemy, Egypt.

Was there a fork in the road, and if so, where was it and when?

På den tiden när programmet gick på TV så tyckte jag inte det var så konstigt att Doctor Snuggles bjöd på nåt mysko pulver som gjorde att man blev glad. Snuggles sprutar ut grönt nyspulver ur sin rymdraket "sprutti-bang-bang" på några närgågna kometer.

Dr Snuggles bor i sitt talande hus med hushållerskan Beata och det talande sirapsträdet.

London is a city of fun and excitement, but it is also a place that embraces romance.

In a recent study 23% of Londoners claimed that their favourite romantic story was Pride and Prejudice — ultimately a classic tale of the trials and tribulations of trying to find the right match.

Dating in London never gets boring with its endless source of exciting events, bars, restaurants and attractions.


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