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re interested in, read on, and if a camera catches your eye, visit the AP second hand directory where you find our nearest second-hand retailer, or visit our guide on camera fairs to find out how to pick up a bargain at a fair near you.

Top second hand digital SLR cameras Features: 10 million effective pixels | Four Thirds mount | Highlight spot metering These two second hand Four Thirds cameras are very similar, apart from a few differences that may make the Olympus E-510 a more popular secondhand choice for enthusiast photographers.

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Enter "south america" and "chess" and you'll get back words like "checkuador".

Years ago a medium-format camera would have been too expensive for many enthusiast photographers, but now the second hand market offers a chance to pick up a medium-format camera for an affordable price.

So whatever your priorities, and whatever format you?

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