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Thrice married, her personal life leaves much to be desired.

She was criticized by many for putting her children in the spotlight, specifically her eldest son, Harvey, who had physical, emotional and mental challenges, but many supported her for bringing attention to special needs children.

Sadomasochism was made popular by the movie “50 Shades of Grey.” “Dungeons and dentist chairs don’t do it for me whatsoever, but I believe if you’re secure in a relationship and you’re comfortable then you should experiment,” she says. Not one more than the other.” In the end, (no pun intended, well maybe) the bottom line is trust, she said.

If couples trust each other then should be experimenting with erotic pursuits in the privacy of their own homes.

An icon to many and an embarrassment to others, this buxom model sharply divided feminist critics.




In August 2014 the couple welcome their first daughter Bunny Hayler.

Katie says she likes younger men because they can keep up with her.



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