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The 23-year-old "fun nanny" for Vanna White's kids was characteristically open about why she went off slop and what she really thinks of Dick and Daniele. You said that you just didn't fit in at the house. Jen Johnson: The rest of the house [guests] were much more into the game spirit rather than real-life spirit.

You are two shining lights that make this world a better more beautiful place for me and everyone who is lucky enough to know you...

Thank you Lord for choosing me to be Max and Emme's mom. 💗💙 A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on on-and-off for more than five years, with their most recent split happening late last summer when their relationship came to a “natural end.” MUST SEE: Marc Anthony Is Dating a 21-Year-Old Model Some of her most famous relationships include her marriages to Marc, . Lo finally decided to give A-Rod a chance — especially now that he’s finally single as well.

house last Thursday, surprising most viewers only in how long she'd lasted.

Everyone else was two-faced and backstabbing and liars.

Despite being tipped to sit on the panel for the sister show of the nightly programme, it was revealed she had been ditched from the panel hours after the alleged attack, after which she was reportedly placed in police custody.


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