J manuel and j alexander dating


star EXCLUSIVELY revealed that he is going through a TERRIBLE ordeal with his 3-year-old home in Connecticut.

[ Video: Jay Manuel Talks ANTM All-Stars ] According to the insider, Jay's dream house, which was once featured on an episode of We've seen plenty of memes and GIFs created in response to the Jay Z and Solange elevator brawl… But even better, a video recently surfaced of 50 Cent recreating the lost audio from the post-Met Gala moment — and it's totally NSFW!

Its season premiere dived 45% in adults 18-49 from the previous cycle to log the franchise’s lowest-rated opener ever.

According to the New York Post, the trio’s contracts are not being renewed.

Photo shoot director Manuel and runaway coach Alexander have been with the show since the first season, photographer/judge Barker since the second.

personalities are slowly starting to break their silence!

Except also get a little bit sad, because hot hot heat male model judge Rob Evans has been ousted from the show's judging panel.

Gone are the days when photos like this will arbitrarily pop up during Evans' replacement is a hardied veteran of the show, however — Miss J. Despite being fired two cycles ago (along with Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker), Tyra has now brought Miss J. She announced the news via Instagram, framing his return as a result of fans' demand, rather than say, no-one else being available.

The rapper reportedly put up the clip on Instagram of him mocking the silent security footage, then quickly deleted the post, along with some other memes he uploaded in response to the fight.

Since he got rid of the uploads so quickly, Beyoncé might not have to call the Beygency on him — but this clear shade was close call!

He didn’t seem to have any hard feelings against Tyra. He told Us Magazine.com, "After 18 cycles, I found myself in the bottom three and Tyra pulled a surprise triple elimination." (Ha! "Before Cycle 18 ends, they should make a point to have Miss J do a fierce runway walk, in honor of his many great years on the show.



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