Is shane and danielle from bb14 dating updating form 10 1 5 10 2

On Day 69, Shane became the replacement nominee when Head of Household Danielle decided to take Dan off the block with the Power of Veto.He was then blindsided when Dan cast the sole vote to evict him.WATCH: - Live Eviction, Episode 7 "I developed a real, genuine connection with Jason; I consider him a friend," Danielle told Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview, "and friendship means so much more to me than money."I've always wanted to But did loyalty ultimately cost Danielle her game?


In the house, Shane proved himself to be a threat, winning three consecutive Power of Veto competitions within the first three weeks and eventually becoming the second male House Guest in Big Brother history to win six overall competitions (2 Ho H's and 4 Po V's) following Frank Eudy.

"I was kind of blinded by spending a lot of personal time with Shane and not talking too much game strategy with the rest of my alliance," she explained.


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