Is ryan ross still dating keltie


I don't believe anybody's actually reading this magazine online. [laughter] ABILITY is what they click to when their wife comes into the room: What are you doing?



and the next day she searched his phone (cause she is lame) and saw him text a girl and she said she left him. This morning as I got up to make my lover some delicious post vday breakie after seeing a great Billy Joel concert last night, I got roses, and rosepetals on the bed and champange and the whole works, a message came across on his phone. we are going to move out and see the country together playing music. you can read the conversation here but here’s the best part: Pete Wentz ( PM): You guys look good. Ryan Ross ( PM): once we get a keyboard player who can do all of the sampling we want to do it will be alot better too. Ryan and Brendon both were dating scene queens (you can see my posts of Brendon and Audrey here and Ryan and Jac here)The relationships didn’t last too long, and after the couples split the girls both claimed the boys to to be gay together.


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