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Tracey met Rocco at the year 2008, it was a short time meeting, and in the same year they parted away, the reason is unknown as they haven’t given any statement about their separation.Before being in a relationship with Tracey, Rocco dated Whitney Casey, an American Journalist who parted away from Danny Kanell. Rocco dated actress Yvonne Sciò, an actress barely after two years of his divorce.


Rocco Di Spirito is one of the chefs who is not only famous for his food and various shows, but also because of the controversies that surrounds him time and again. Well, not much relationship are known about the New York City-based chef, but so far the public affairs had been enough to create a lot of controversies.The 50 years old first dated his college sweetheart Natalie David.Later, his girlfriend turned into his wife through an intimate wedding ceremony.They got married for years, but after facing some of the problems, of which the former couple hasn’t spoken about much, made them choose separate ways and got officially divorced in 2000.

After the divorce, Rocco was used to being in the headlines due to his alleged dating affairs. Rocco and Yvonne were also engaged, but later, Rocco was going through hard times in his life regarding “The Restaurant,” NBC’s show in 2004 along with his split with his then girlfriend, Yvonne.

There’s no way to have that experience normally, and when you get eliminated, you can go back to your real life. Are you ever worried that women are only attracted to you because of your celebrity?


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