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I wish that this site had existed when I started buying classical music CDs, and I hope that it proves helpful to those who take the time to visit it.If you enjoy it or have suggestions as to how it could be improved, I invite you to send us feedback.A seemingly perplexing question for new concert goers, traditional audiences (like Prescott) applaud after the last movement.More contemporary audiences, often encouraged by the conductor, applaud when music and performance moves them to do so.Remember that there are generally short, silent pauses between movements and this does not signal the end of a piece – another reason to check your program prior to the concert beginning.The best advice might be to hesitate long enough to follow the lead of the seasoned audience at your venue. Be sure to check prior to the concert and at intermission to be sure all electronic devices are turned off.The Reason For This Site Classical music has greatly enriched my life, and I want to share with others the joy that classical music has brought to me.But getting started in classical music is often intimidating for the beginner.

These recordings form the foundation of my and many others' collections, and contain some of the greatest performances ever committed to record.

Most books and other Internet guides list hundreds of pieces and are filled with technical jargon, making them of little value to the novice.

At its worst, classical music can seem difficult, snobbish, and inaccessible. I created this guide to give beginners a straightforward introduction to classical music and its recordings.

If you are picking up tickets at “Will Call”, plan to arrive earlier to avoid box office lines.

See Pre-concert Talk for more information on arrival time. The best thing about classical music is that, because it is so varied, it affects each of us differently. Let the music spark your imagination, awaken feelings and emotion, invite reflection, and touch your heart”. Many people wear business clothes or slightly dressy casual clothes, but you will see everything from khakis or jeans with a nice shirt to dresses and suits.


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