Idris elba dating white woman

Michelle shocked fans across the nation when she revealed that she had been in a very private relationship with actor Idris Elba.Much to her dismay, she suffered backlash after revealing the relationship and her breakup from Elba, and now Michelle is opening up about the impact of revealing such a pivotal relationship in her life. Michelle explains why she kept mum about the relationship for so long.She also opened up about the frustration she feels about other Black women criticizing her openness about her past with Elba and Me Mp Hi Tz.“Yes, and I didn’t go into details about it out of respect for him,” Michelle said after being asked if “Maybe I Should Call” was about Elba.

A conditioning which, as a woman of colour, I have strongly withheld.

Image Source: There may have been a rumor that Tyson Beckford doesn’t like black women, but Beckford says “that is absolutely not true.”“I love black women and do date them. If you can’t really love your own, how can you really love others?

That rumor has followed me to this day, and black women have always been upset with me for that.”“That’s ridiculous, I got a strong Black woman: my mother, my sister. I love my people.“It’s unreal how quick people can try to flip on you and try to strip you down and make you into something that you’re not based off of a misquote or somebody’s words—or somebody else’s tweet.”“I just feel like, as Black men, we do have to be aware that, yo, every time we step out with some woman it’s setting an example for our daughters and it’s also representing something for our mothers.

We’d probably would still even be close friends, but I came out — and it wasn’t for no album sales because I write about every man I date. See what she had to say about their sex life, as well as what she learned from their relationship, after the cut.


Michelle has had some extreme positives and notable setbacks in her blossoming career, just like any major label artist on the cusp of mega-superstardom.

Rapper Wale tried to show his love for black women with this controversial Instagram post apologizing for black men’s role in persuading black women to get super-sized behinds.


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