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I knew their old time values were going to skin me alive. I would jack off and he would pop into my head right as I was about to cum. I just thought it was weird they were my grandpa's. So I stumbled over to him and fell to my knees I knew it was alright to start because he grabbed my head and pulled me close. After that was done he looked eager to suck my cock.

I guess you could say I have a pretty average family. Now, I'll tell you, those two are very close minded. I thought that was a bit weird seeing as how he was an army veteran. I know it's really weird but something about him just turned me on. He was moaning softly, obviously it had been a while since he had felt this. That's my good boy he said slapping my ass I never have done anything like that ever, my grandpa and I still talk, and sometimes I wonder if it'll happen again.

HOOKED allows readers to write their own chat stories, which can be shared with friends, or write a group story in what is called a “Fantasy Chat.” *The chat stories are free to an extent.

Readers receive a certain number of free “hoots” (views of texts in a chat story) every ~35 minutes and can purchase unlimited hoots for .99/month or .99/year.


DIVYA: to ur mind wats girl for u SEXYMALE: girl is a beautiful thing…friend…. babe.anita4u: u see a magazine out there in the hall Ramu Raj: i am not in hurry u can change and come madam Ramu Raj: i stand and look at the magazine babe.anita4u: and u see my pic in bra and panty Ramu Raj: hmmmmm Ramu Raj: i gentle lift that up Ramu Raj: and…

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