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But when the show wrapped in December, Kathie Lee immediately started pushing again for an L. which began when Hoda felt Kathie Lee snubbed her by not promoting her book on the air."Both women are really strong, so tension is almost inevitable," says one source. they would do the show for a few weeks here and there in L.

Our sources say there is "some tension" between Hoda and Kathie Lee ...

I've just started dating again, and it's really been great." Around the corner, in Miami...

co-anchor Hoda Kotb announced during Tuesday’s show that she has adopted a baby girl.




Hoda Kotb, the 50-year-old American-Egyptian beauty, born in Oklahoma to immigrant parents, and educated at Virginia Tech in Journalism, released her first autobiographic novel in 2010; .

Hoda wants new projects in addition to "Today" and if the agency gets her some gigs in L. that could change things, but for now she and Kathie Lee are East Coast/West Coast rivals.



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