Golf clubs at liquidating prices

Golf Stix is the perfect resource for our member trade-in golf equipment, in addition to any excess inventory that we may want to reduce.



Payment can be made by VISA, MC, Discover, wire transfer or by cash or cashier’s check.

Bidders must provide a valid credit card to register to bid online.2.

Payment will be processed immediately after the last lot is sold on August 14th with the credit card buyer submitted at registration, unless buyer has made alternate payment arrangements (cash, wire transfer, cashier’s check) to the end of the auction (contact Auctioneer 512-261-3838 or email: [email protected]

Come have a look or send us an email or call for a quote Le Club Dome at 514-694-0614 on any equipment you are searching for. golf pro to ensure the clubs you are buying fit you correctly and suite your style of play.

Woods, irons, wedges and putters are available from every well-known company at a variety of price points. You can have big or small golf club repairs quickly, affordably & professionally done at the pro shop.But the news that Nike would shift focus to shoes and apparel wasn’t a complete surprise to some industry insiders. The effects of this have been happening already in the marketplace.


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