Gary lightbody dating anyone

News of the couple’s split surfaced at the end of November after Courteney was photographed without her engagement ring.

The 39-year-old Snow Patrol guitarist reportedly returned to Derry following the break-up.

Gary Lightbody doesn't play the role of the international rock star particularly well.

He tends to shun the limelight, is rarely recognised in public and admits that he wasn't ready for the massive success he has enjoyed with his group Snow Patrol.

SNOW Patrol star Johnny Mc Daid has rejected newspaper claims that he is dating an Irish beauty queen turned celebrity blogger.

The Derry man recently split from Friends actress Courteney Cox after a series of rows.

Now Johnny has moved to quash newspaper claims that he has moved on from Cox and is dating a new woman – Galway girl Meghann Scully.

A source told the newspaper’s Dan Wootton: ‘Johnny is very laid back and often found the courtship with Courteney very smothering.

Throughout, they refused all major interviews – until Live invited them to headline our music special..."When the band gets together, the sum of our parts is expansive and bold and somehow unifying, especially when you hear a big crowd singing along to it. Some rock is big and dumb, I think ours is big and intelligent.""I'm just a music whore," says Wainwright.


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