G dragon and seungri dating who am i really dating


Earlier this month, some outlets speculated that a woman photographed leaving a club with Seungri was his girlfriend.

Official responses from YG Entertainment however revealed that Seungri did not ride in a car with the girl, and she was in fact a Chinese translator for the group.

As usual, G-Dragon gave a firm "no." Though usually fans are often happy to hear that their celebrity crushes are single, one Big Bang fan recently expressed that she'd be happy if either member started dating.

"To be honest, I want them to date and get married as soon as possible.

It has been known for a while that BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Sulli are good friends, but netizens are convinced that they've become something more in recent weeks!

Just recently, a netizen compared two recent photos from G-Dragon and Sulli respective Instagram accounts, and claimed that the pair were dating based on the same heart-shaped ring both were wearing.


—– In fact, Dispatch has actually recently attached Sulli to this guy, saying the photos are from Valentine’s Day, which Sulli spent with her friends in a restaurant in Itaewon.

Contribution in this picture that I had written before photo’s. That hat is Dami shown in Instagram’s straw hat that fits. Another thing they said that Ri & GD went to 동성애의 homosexual party or promotion with their besties Diplo.



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