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It was accordingly tried this term, and it was agreed that the jury should return a Special verdict, to be drawn up by me.

The object of the counsel for Aberilla Blackmore was, to have the proceedings removed into the Supreme Court, for the opinion of that court on the facts found.

More is known about her than any other of the Mount Vernon slaves because she was twice interviewed by abolitionist newspapers in the mid-1840s.

Her mother, Betty, was an enslaved seamstress; her father, Andrew Judge, was an English tailor working as an indentured servant at Mount Vernon. 1757 – December 1794), Betty had been among the 285 African slaves held by Martha Washington's first husband, Daniel Parke Custis (1711–1757).

Family members offer reward for missing North Side man February 2, 2017 The family of a missing North Side man is offering a ,000 reward to locate him. The video then shows James alone in front of the T Station, but it does not show where he went next.

The video shows James and a co-worker, who got into an Uber.

Upon the completion of his indenture, Andrew Judge settled in Alexandria, Virginia, some 11 miles away.

As she told me the details of her story, she never once said his name.

She only referred to him as “the monster.” She recounted for me the details of her four-day-long nightmare.

Additionally, incomplete registration cast doubt as to whether these two enslaved women were actually registered. Aberilla Blackmore On application to me, a Writ of Habeas Corpus was directed to Aberilla Blackmore, returnable before me, for Cassandra and Lydia two negro women whom she held as Slaves.

At the return of the writ, the Claim appeared to turn on this question.

Whether Samuel Blackman, late husband of Aberilla, was an inhabitant of the County of Westmoreland, on 23 September 1780.


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