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High powered men, professional men, religious men.... But what they doin is helping themselves to yalls man. They act all innocent and helpless and need help....

Girlfriends...,watch up man if you don't want no diseased women seducing them! That old prostitute got arrested for giving her baby cocaine. Her sister bout burned down this apartments with her meth lab not long ago either. But what they doin is helping themselves to yalls man.

I'd like to see it [the event] pulled out of the diversity organization part of it because those matters are for everybody.


JOIN NOW » Arkansas Women seeking Women - Free Dating.It's so funny how so many of 'em try and act all manly and then they just love to act helpless around women, all weak and stuff. A sure fire sign of a lil boy is either a loud truck or someone who just generally loves to be LOUD to come across as manly.


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